Albert Leong | Managing Director
Esker Document Automation Asia Pte Ltd

Albert Leong, Managing Director, Esker Document Automation Asia Pte Ltd

Albert is the Managing Director of Esker Document Automation Asia Pte Ltd have 30 over years of experience in the technology sector,  specifically on ERP and cloud-based solutions, as well as business process optimization and deployment strategy in Asia Pacific region. Over the years, Albert has participated in numerous regional CFO, CIO events as keynote speaker and discussion panels to share his experience and journey in business and IT transformation.


CFO & Treasury Summit Day 1 @ 12:30

Finance Resiliency and Agility: Skillsets & technology need to manage cash flow better

Economic disruption has changed the necessary skill sets of finance leaders and preparing for the future has never been more critical for businesses today. Finance leaders must examine their current strategies in place and invest in technologies that optimize financial processes, increase value-add and allow finance functions to contribute even more to the company's success. More then ever, cash flow must be carefully managed today. Join us today as we discuss 2 main points, Resiliency & Agility.By attending this session, you will learn:
  • Lessons learnt in 2020
  • Skillsets needed in today’s remote working environment
  • Predictions on the future of finance and the technologies powering its digital transformation
  • Trends and new technologies take advantage of now
Session led by: esker-document-automation-asia-pte-ltd
last published: 12/Apr/21 01:55 GMT

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