World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2018
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World Orphan Drug Congress USA Boston Healthcare White Paper

Optimal Pathways to Commercial Success for Orphan Drug Innovators


Boston Healthcare Associates, Inc. (Boston Healthcare) has published a case study ahead of the World Orphan Drug Congress 2018 that highlights some of the unique commercialization challenges faced by orphan drug developers. The case study draws upon Boston healthcare’s experience working with an orphan drug manufacturer to prepare for the launch of a novel drug by developing a reimbursement strategy and identifying evidence requirements in order to support product adoption.


Our case study will assist manufacturers of orphan and ultra-orphan drugs to recognize the varying degrees of influence that key stakeholders and the patient care paradigm have throughout the development and commercialization process, as well as the impact this can have in developing a successful market access strategy.  


To learn more about Boston Healthcare visit their website.

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