World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2018
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World Orphan Drug Congress 2018 CHAPPER Whitepaper

This new whitepaper discusses the rise of specialty medicines and the challenges presented for the industry in terms of demand, access and supply. It highlights the benefits of managed access programmes (MAPs) and their ability to provide access to treatments in countries where commercialisation may not be viable or where a formal licence has yet to be issued. 

This shift from blockbuster to niche has operated in parallel with the rise of the empowered patient, and increasingly, fund-raising patient advocates, adding further complexity to the landscape.

The paper also outlines the approach needed to distribute speciality medicines and the challenges of operating within Europe, including the impact of a post-Brexit European Union.


This whitepaper is essential reading for senior personnel in manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and biotechs wanting to increase their knowledge and understanding of the challenges of access to, and delivery of, specialty medicines.


People will learn about:

  • Market access for specialty medicines
  • Specialised challenges and solutions
  • Managed access programmes
  • The impact of digital on the customer landscape

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