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"The access program space is evolving rapidly"- Clinigen GAP

World Orphan Drug Congress "The access program space is evolving rapidly, with Orphan diseases a key area of high unmet need that such programs can address. The interest in access programs has never been greater with high profile social media campaigns for access to medicines and changes to regulations regularly reported in the media, but some common misconceptions of the supply of unlicensed medicines in this area remain. " -  Dr Debra Ainge,  Head of Project Management at  Clinigen Global Access Programs (Clinigen GAP)

Mark Corbett,  Global Strategic Planning Director at  Clinigen GAP  is joining us at the 5th Annual World Orphan Drug Congress USA in April to discuss  “Early Access to Orphan Drugs: the rationale, challenges and options available.”

Here is a chance to take a look at his presentation from 2014. As experts in access to Orphan Drugs, Clinigen GAP offer unique insight into the evolving need for access programs. Download the presentation now to find out more about:

  • What is an Early Access Program?
  • Meeting the conditions for early access
  • A growing need for Early Access- how the orphan drug environment has changed
  • Market Access Challenges
  • Regulatory Complexities

…and much more!

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