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Click & Collect Drive Through Model and Its Application to the US Market

The Click & Collect Show is where retailers meet to network, learn from each other, and discuss the latest developments in click & collect. Our exclusive report on the Click & Collect drive through model and its application to the US market is now available for download.

Click & collect retailing began with non-food retailers like the UK like Argos and Halfords that included ordering goods online and arranging to pick them up. Drive & collect retailing is one form of this that caught on among grocers and is also beginning to be adapted by other types of retailers.

This style of grocery shopping has become most popular in France and the UK but is now starting to become more widely available in the US.

Download the eBook to find out about:

  • The key to click & collect's success
  • Click & Collect in the US
  • Different models, including Standalone, Dark Store, and In-Store Picking
  • Challenges facing the industry
  • Online and traditional grocers to watch out for in the click & collect space

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