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eBook: Top 25 influencers impacting Africa's retail Industry

Top 25 Influencers Impacting Africa's Retail Industry

The African retail industry has grown over the past years,  supported by an increase in both the supply of retail space and the number of shopping centres in the continent. 

The continent has seen a boom in shopping centre development and townships have also  benefited from this.

Retail trade sales have been increasing over the years.  An
average annual increase of 29% in online retail sales, total retail trade sales are expected to further escalate.

Growth of the industry is largely influenced by
economic conditions that consumers find themselves in. Amongst others, these
include the level of the interest rate, inflation and economic growth.

We at The Retail World Africa  Telecoms  have created an eBook that highlights the top 25 influencers impacting Africa's retail industry. You will also find key insights into what is driving the spend and the untapped opportunities in this space.

After reading the content used to put this e-book together, 5 key themes stand out:

  • Improved and modern infrastructure in the continent has allowed for more rigorous economic activity
  • Retail development has shifted from being concentrated in inner-cities to suburbs and townships
  • Rapid construction of high-density housing in the surrounds of major urban areas has led to the demand for and increased developments of retail centres in residential areas
  • Africa is starting to appear on the radar screens of western retailers as they look for the next growth opportunity in emerging markets
  • A growing middle class is demanding branded products and the opportunity to shop in modern retail formats

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