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Presentation: Successfully integrating CRM into your loyalty programme- Anthony Kotton

Successfully integrating CRM into your loyalty programme- Anthony Kotton

Now more than ever, the customer is king; this is because customers now have access to instant communication technologies and can broadcast good or bad news

Customer Relationship Management is nothing new
What is new: technologies and applications that allow for improved strategies
These are designed to enable better management of customers, customer information and the business as a whole.

Even with these latest advances, the basic fundamentals of CRM remain the same
 - Obtaining a 360 degree view of your customer
 - Tracking marketing leads  - Measuring marketing return on investment

The result of integrating CRM into your loyalty programme

  • Registered members on loyalty programmes are able to provide an organisation with a wealth of information – from personal attributes to spending habits
  • This information allows for targeted sales campaigns; improved conversation and increased customer satisfaction
  • Loyalty programme surveys and evaluation, leads to increased engagement and understanding of the customers needs and desires

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