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Speaker Submission Guide 


Why you should consider speaking 

Speaking engagement is a great way to generate publicity and positive exposure, in addition to establishing thought leadership in the industry.  Getting in front of our target audience so you are a part of the conference agenda is a very effective way to get your company’s message across at an event.

Other benefits include:

It’s a great PR opportunity: whatever your business goals are, being a speaker keep your company’s profile at the front-of-mind within the industry. Plus, there will be many press covering the event too

Helping the industry further: the networking and exchange of ideas that we’ll facilitate help to move the industry forward – and as a speaker, you’ll have a critical role to play in that.

Network: build relationships, meet with peers and gain personal connections that last for much longer than the conference

Brainstorming: Submarine Networks is like one big brainstorming session. Sharing your perspective, and getting feedback from others will help you grow.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the submission guide to see how you can be involved!