Don't drop the ball - The Mentor Guide to guaranteed program management success.

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Don’t drop the ball.

A Guide to guaranteeing program success by Mentor Europe

“What would you do if you just had to make your next strategic program work?”

A tough question at the best of times.

At Mentor we’ve taken a long hard look at all the programs we’d seen over the past 30 years. There were 128 of them - and 117 of these were “rescue” situations.

Working with many organisations over the years we’ve found that they repeatedly drop the same 5 balls when it comes to strategic program deliver. We discuss these in our guide and give you the insight into how to ensure that your programs are set up for success from the start.

The guide looks at these 5 balls. Balls you cannot afford to drop when running any program:

  1. ALIGNMENT (Without alignment, it’s over)
  2. PROGRAM PLANS (Nothing happens by accident)
  3. ORGANISATION (No one can whistle a symphony; it takes a whole orchestra)
  4. SUPPLIERS (Managing them is not as easy as it looks)
  5. DEPENDENCIES (Everyone needs someone to lean on, and trust)

Read our Guide to guaranteeing program execution success and let us know if you recognise any - or all 5 balls.


About Mentor

Mentor has three solid decades of experience in running difficult, business-critical programs in the UK and European telecoms markets. Breaking new ground by helping to create some of the first wave of deployments, Mentor worked behind the scenes with most of the UK’s infrastructure players.

Today, Mentor is helping mobile operators, fibre providers and infrastructure players to figure out how to respond to the huge opportunities presented by 4G densification and the move to 5G.

With our strong industry relationships and independence – combined with deep design, operational and commercial experience – we will work with you and your team to provide the people, resources and expertise to get your business-critical program over the line – with certainty.

Results. Guaranteed.