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Presentation: Vaccinomics: social and science systems in transition

Vaccinomics: social and science systems in transition

What is Vaccinomics?

“Vaccinomics examines the influence of immune response gene polymorphisms on the heterogeneity of humoral, cell mediated and innate immune responses to vaccines both at the individual and population level.” (Poland et al., 2008).

What do personalised vaccines aim to do?
They target different levels:

• The individual level
• The gender level
• The racial/ethnic level
• The sub population level

They aim to:

• Reduce risk of AEFIs
• Maximise dose effectiveness
• Reduce clinical trial sizes
• Reduce costs

Why not download this presentation and get more details on Vaccinomics: social and science systems in transition:
• The promise and potential of personalised vaccines
• Vaccine innovation systems and the move towards vaccinomics
• Social and political capacity building for integration of vaccinomics into global public health
Dr Farah Huzair, Development Policy and Practice, Faculty of Maths, Computing and Technology, The Open University


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