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Presentation: Matrix-M™ adjuvant

Matrix-MTM (saponin based adjuvant) is not equivalent to or synonymous with:
– ISCOMs (or ”classical” ISCOMs)

With 40 nm particles stabilized with cholesterol and phosphplipid, reduced reactogenicity vs previous saponin adjuvants, balanced Th1/Th2 stimulation of antibody and cellular response, and confirmed efficacy and safety in animals and humans; this really is an exciting piece of R&D. GMP material also available.

Matrix-M™ Influenza Study Conclusions Phase I Pandemic and Seasonal Elderly demonstrated:
• Safe, excellent tolerability
• Strong HI and VNA immune responses
• Exceeds EMA criteria and non-adjuvanted comparator vaccines
• Induces cross-reactive humoral responses
• Elicits pronounced cellular responses
• Dose-sparing capacity
• Potential to improve clinical efficacy in target populations

Why not download the full presentation and discover more about Matrix-M™ adjuvant elicits strong humoral and cellular immune responses in clinical influenza trials:
Phase I seasonal influenza trial in the elderly
Phase I pandemic influenza trial
Combined study data shows excellent safety profile
Dr Anders Kärnell, Chief Medical Officer, Isconova


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