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Presentation: Novel vaccine adjuvants for induction of Cellular and Humoral immunity

Dr Vincent Serra, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer, Wittycell  joined us at the World Vaccine Congress Lyon 2012 to discuss how Wittycell is developing novel vaccines and adjuvant products for both the therapeutic and prophylactic markets, with a focus on T cell response.

Their Goal :OVA transfected cell line with OVA as antigen is a really good model for first PoC, but need to get results on naïve tumor cell line in mice, with Tumor Associated Antigen (TAA) to convince people
1. Selection of Trp2 as TAA, because related expression in mice and human. The protein purification failed in 2011, use of the peptide instead of protein.
2. Selection of B16 F1 (regression model) and B16 F10 (metastic model) as tumor cell line in C57Bl6 mice, expressing Trp2

The Wittycell Strategy
1. Determination of the Immunomodulators properties of these new adjuvants
2. Develop the Regulatory package including scale up, GMP batch, toxicity, and stability
3. Enter in a Phase I/IIa clinical trial in Infectious disease and/or Cancer
4. Agreements with Vaccine companies for licensing (or M&A), and continuation of clinical development on dedicated indications

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Download the presentation here to find out more Novel vaccine adjuvant for induction of cellular and humoral immunity:
• New adjuvant family with known mechanism of action
• Potent CD8 activity and antibody responses
• Synthetic compounds with low cost of goods
• PoC in multiple indications, under prophylactic and therapeutic strategies
• New adjuvant in clinical trial
Dr Vincent Serra, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer, Wittycell


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