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Presentation: Is cell line vaccine production to great an investment to become reality?

Is cell line vaccine production to great an investment to become reality?

Dr Robert Huebner, Acting Director, Influenza Division, BARDA joined us the World Vaccine Congress 2012 to give us the answer!

Making investments in Cell-based Influenza Vaccine is a reality. BARDA’s mission is to “support development and availability of countermeasures for CBRN threats, pandemic influenza, and emerging infectious diseases through advanced product development, stockpile acquisition/building, manufacturing infrastructure building, and product innovation.” This mission statement evolves into two main goals in the production of an Influenza Vaccines: firstly, to establish and maintain a dynamic pre-pandemic influenza vaccine stockpile and secondly, to provide pandemic vaccine to all U.S. citizens within 6 months of a pandemic declaration.

Cell-based Influenza Vaccines provide a more robust, flexible and scalable process. Between 2005-06 6 contracts were awarded for advanced development of US licensed cell-based seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines. Further contracts were awarded in 2009 and 2011 for the advanced development of recombinant based seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines. Using recombinant and molecular vaccine technologies, a vaccine could be produced with less dependence on influenza vaccine strain properties, sooner then we think.

The main aim of Influenza vaccine R&D is to build a balanced and sustainable portfolio of legacy and new influenza vaccines that can deliver more vaccine faster during times of pandemic. This technology will also be used to lessen the effects of seasonal flu.

Why not download the full presentation and find out the answer to is cell line vaccine production to great an investment to become reality?
• Where do the most significant costs lie in transferring ALL vaccine production to cell lines?
• Highlighting the opportunities which could arise if cell lines take dominance
• Can the industry afford not to change?


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