Home Delivery World 2017

Bringg whitepaper on engaging your customers during the last mile

We have all experienced the frustration of being given a 5 hour window for when a delivery or service person will arrive; basically throwing away an entire day waiting. Last mile deliveries comes with a slew of logistical challenges, but many companies often forget to think of the most important link in the supply chain – the end-customer. Considering the direct correlation between customer engagement and loyalty, as well as the increasingly crowded last mile deliveries market, leveraging technology to engage customers at the right touch point is a necessary investment.


In today’s on-demand environment, customers want to have full visibility over their deliveries, as well as an open line of communication with both the business itself and the person making the delivery. However, if you engage customers at the beginning of the buying process, but leave them in the dark during the last-mile, you will lose whatever good will you may have established.


Enhancing the last mile deliveries experience is something that many shippers, couriers, or other businesses that deliver have overlooked for far too long. This white paper will detail how a business can engage their customers during the last mile of delivery in order to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

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Want to learn even more? VeriShip will be exhibiting at Home Delivery World 2017 in Atlanta this March 14 - 15. Grab your free visitor pass now and continue the conversation.

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