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Everything Installer (Residential Scale)


Residential-scale solar projects are typically rooftop installations to power a single house with a capacity of less than or equal to 4kW. Solar PV is a very popular home upgrade and is currently deployed across nearly a million rooftops all over the UK. These residential solar systems average 1.9kW in size. The residential solar sector, as with other segments of the solar industry, has seen strong growth since the end of government financial support.

Solar & Storage Live, SSL, solar, storage
Large Scale Utility Solar


A utility-scale solar facility is one which generates solar power and feeds it into the grid, supplying a utility with energy. The power generated by a utility-scale project is purchased to serve both residential and commercial customers in their service area, a corporation to power its needs in a particular region or one or more large universities in the same area that pool together to buy electricity.


Solar & Storage Live, SSL, solar, storage
Commercial & Industrial Solar


Commercial and Industrial Solar typically encompasses businesses who are becoming increasingly aware of the potential savings that solar power operations can deliver and the benefits of meeting the consumer expectation of being cognizant of the environment. In addition to businesses of different sizes, from large corporations to local small businesses, “commercial” solar customers can also include governments, schools and universities, and even non-profits.

Solar & Storage Live, SSL, solar, storage


To reach Net Zero, all vehicles – including heavy-goods vehicles (HGVs) – must be fossil fuel free by 2050. This theatre will discuss building a smart and flexible energy system that can utilise the huge number of EV batteries that are going to be plugged into the system to keep costs down for everyone. Consumers must be at the heart of this transition and thus enabling the widespread adoption of EVs.

Solar & Storage Live, SSL, solar, storage
Storage & Batteries


Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are critical to supporting Spain's transition to net-zero – enabling greater penetration of variable renewable generation by maintaining grid stability and balancing supply with demand. This forum will cover the evolving storage technology and batteries landscape and the commercials driving its adoption.

Solar & Storage Live, SSL, solar, storage
Solar Technologies and Innovation


Innovations in technologies adjacent to and in combination with solar PV - on-site energy storage, hydrogen production, floating solar farms, air-source heat pumps – are mitigating the risks associated with new solar energy projects. The first dedicated pipeline of projects that will incorporate these technologies need stable regulation and permitting frameworks to do so. We will explore how hybrid energy systems can reduce investment risk, create multiple revenue streams, and ease grid congestion.


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