Reem Hamdan | Director General Assistant For Regulation
Electricity Distribution Co | Jordan

Reem Hamdan, Director General Assistant For Regulation, Electricity Distribution Co

Reem Hamdan is Director General Deputy at the Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO) in Jordan. She has more than 26 years’ experience in the electricity sector, focusing on electricity distribution planning, performance standards, energy efficiency, renewable energy, licensing, and regulation. She has been a member of the planning committee for the Arab Union of Electricity (AUE) since 2004. She had received several certificates from international committees for her participation in workshops and seminars, and received an award for best applied research at the 15th GCC CIGRE Seminar for the paper “Privatization Impact on Distribution Activity in Jordan.” She was selected to represent Jordan in the Science Hall of Fame for the Arabic women in science program launched by American Embassy in 2011.She received a certificate of “gender equity executive leadership” from Georgetown university for her participation in a project to empower women in electricity distribution utilities


Solar Show MENA 2019 day 1 @ 17:00

Keynote panel: Girl Power: How women in MENA are joining forces to create the workplace of the future

  • Understanding the MENA energy sector and the roles available for women
  • Highlighting the evidence that shows how the presence of women in the workplace has the possibility to increase profitability, return on investment and innovation.
  • Building an awareness of senior roles being acquired by women in MENA in the renewable energy sector
  • Discussing how to navigate through a male dominated sector to succeed
  • Reflecting on success stories and identifying winning strategies that drive career success for women in the energy industry
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