Rana El-Guindy | Senior Specialist
RCREEE | Egypt

Rana El-Guindy, Senior Specialist, RCREEE

Rana El-Guindy is an energy economist with good professional experience and management skills. She works as a senior specialist at the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE). Rana has a Master’s degree in Environmental and Natural Resources Economics from Toulouse School of Economics, Toulouse, France (2012). As an Environmental Economist intern, she worked for a while at the national institute for industrial environment and risks (INERIS) in France on the solid waste management and the externalities that could be related in a way or another to the reuse of irrigation water. As a senior specialist at RCREEE, Rana has been involved since 2013 in several projects mainly related to the socio-economic impacts of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the MENA region.


Solar Show MENA 2019 day 1 @ 17:00

Keynote panel: Girl Power: How women in MENA are joining forces to create the workplace of the future

  • Understanding the MENA energy sector and the roles available for women
  • Highlighting the evidence that shows how the presence of women in the workplace has the possibility to increase profitability, return on investment and innovation.
  • Building an awareness of senior roles being acquired by women in MENA in the renewable energy sector
  • Discussing how to navigate through a male dominated sector to succeed
  • Reflecting on success stories and identifying winning strategies that drive career success for women in the energy industry
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