Mohamed Saied | GM, Electrical Engineering Dept.
Abu Qir Fertilizers & Chemical Industries Company (AFC), | Egypt

Mohamed Saied, GM, Electrical Engineering Dept., Abu Qir Fertilizers & Chemical Industries Company (AFC),

Mohamed was born in Egypt, 1973. He graduated from the Electrical Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt, in 1995. By July 2000, he got his M.Sc. degree, and by July 2007 he received the Ph.D. degree from the same department. His PhD specialty in Automatic Control; direct torque control of induction machines using multilevel inverters. By April, 2010, Dr. Mohamed finished the PostDoc training matrix for PhD holders from the Faculty and Leadership Development Center (FLDC), Alexandria University, Egypt. 
In addition to his academic background, Dr. Mohamed is working for Abu-Qir Fertilizers & Chemical Industries Company, Alexandria, Egypt (3000+ employee)- the market leader in Fertilizers in Egypt, Africa, and has an advanced rank in the Middle East. He has a 22 years of rich industrial experience, and is now the General Manager of the Electrical Engineering Dept. Since 2007, he is doing several consultancy and design services for variety of other factories, production lines, and industrial companies. 
As a self-motivation manager, through 2013-2014 he studied for Professional Certificate of Business Administration (PCBA), in the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. Furthermore, by Feb 2017, he got his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.
Although Dr. Saied is an industrialist, as a lecturer since 2008, he is responsible for designing and delivering several electrical power and automatic control courses in different Engineering faculties in Egypt. He is also an advisor for several M.Sc. dissertations in several universities. Dr Mohamed has been elevated to the IEEE senior member grade in 2013, he published 13 technical papers in refereed journals and conferences, and conferred several national and international conferences and workshops. His research fields of interest cover; automatic control, renewable energy, AC-drives, HVDC transmission, power quality, active power filters, modulation techniques & harmonic elimination, multi-level voltage source & DC/DC converters, and deadbeat control. 
During 18+ years of experience delivering training courses in different areas, Dr Mohamed achieved a distinction level in designing and developing variety of vocational and academic training programs, curriculums, and courses worldwide. He has also; a proven record introducing oral presentations, excellent communication skills, and high ability drafting written reports.


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