Mamadou Diarra | Consultant energy and climate change
Nigelec | Niger

Mamadou Diarra, Consultant energy and climate change, Nigelec

Mr DIARRA was a Partner for the Pan-African Project Management Conference to be held in Yaoundé, May 23rd –May 25th, 2018, on the theme:
“Successful Project Preparation for bankable projects in Africa”
The essential of his professional career was in the Department of Studies and Engineering with NIGELEC -Niger Electric Power Utility- where he dealt with projects from identification to evaluation.
He is also a reviewer of the Guidelines of National Greenhouse Gas inventories adopted in 2006 by the IPCC.
 Mr Diarra is the UNFCCC GHG consultant (Energy) for the annex 1 countries (Industrialized countries and Economies in transition).
He has written on Rural Electrification, High Voltage networks and on Solar Energy at the World Energy Congresses in Buenos Aires and in Daegu, at the Conférence Internationale des Grands Réseaux Electriques (CIGRE) in Capetown (South Africa)and at the African Power Utilities Association (APUA) congresses in Luanda, Yaoundé and Tunis.
He is a Member of the Advisory Group of CIGRE on Rural Electrification (Paris) and also Advisory Board Member of the Power and Electricity World Africa, (PEWA) in Johannesburg.
He is invited as a Panelist on the topic: “Science, Technology and Future Jobs” at the Afrique-France Summit held in Bamako (Mali), January 2017.
In 1997, Mr DIARRA was awarded the US Humphrey Fellowship to focus on Energy, Environment and Project Appraisal at Rutgers University for one year.
He holds a Master of Science in National Development and Project Planning/ Development and Project Planning Centre/ University of Bradford (UK) in 1991.
He obtained an Electromechanical engineering degree from the Ecole Nationale  d’Ingénieurs de Bamako (Mali) in 1980.


Solar Show MENA 2019 day 1 @ 15:20

Panel: Empowering the powerless: providing communities with affordable and reliable access

  • Examining the opportunity for fully distributed solar home systems (SHSs)
  • Energy access as a gateway for financial empowerment
  • Facing the challenges to deployment
  • Utilising distributed-energy technologies
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