Maen Ali Ayasrah | Head Of Energy And Environmental Sustainability Unit
Jordan Chamber of Industry | Jordan

Maen Ali Ayasrah, Head Of Energy And Environmental Sustainability Unit, Jordan Chamber of Industry

31 Years old

Hold a Master degree in Project Management for Energy and Environmental Engineering from Ecole Nationale supérieure des Mines de Nantes in France, and Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering - Engineering Management from Jordan University of science and Technology in Jordan.

Working in Jordan chamber of Industry for seven years among industrial development polices and projects as  a head of industrial development team;  recently I started the responsibility about the energy and environmental sustainability unit, working as a technical support for all of the industrial sectors in the field of energy and environment;

Working as an Industrial sector representative against different governmental and non-governmental agencies , and responsible about networking with the entities operating in the water, energy and environment areas. And assist in the technical support for the members of the industrial sector in these areas through newsletters, seminars and direct meetings, specialized training programs and supporting programs.  In addition assist in design the technical programs that seek to support and develop the sector and raise the regional and international competitiveness, And participation in the preparation of operational plans that contribute in the implementing of national strategies to the industrial sector in the water, energy and environment areas.


Solar Show MENA 2019 day 1 @ 11:30

PANEL Enabling and cultivating embedded energy

  • Maintaining safety, reliability and security of supply from both CSP and PV resources
  • Building energy communities: the real promise of distributed energy
  • New market entrants disrupting centrally controlled utilities and enabling transactions
  • Improving power system resilience; reducing transmission and distribution losses
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