Aref Boualwan | Manager: Mis And Bus Process Eng
Consolidated Contr IC Greece | South Africa

Aref Boualwan, Manager: Mis And Bus Process Eng, Consolidated Contr IC Greece

A professional with a business vision, hard-core technical skills and the ability to motivate/bring people together. Over twenty two years of international experience with Senior Managerial positions in designing, developing and successful implementation of IT & Management Information System Solutions. Acts as a high-level orchestrator of a large numbers of discrete President Strategic Initiatives that drive organization-wide transformational change. Brings executives, employees at all levels, processes, and technology together to deliver pioneering solutions to address business challenges and achieve organizational goals. Sources Innovation by partnering & building strong lasting relationships with relevant Technology Startups. Leverages alliances to add value and competitive advantage to the business.  Public Speaker at major Academic, Social & Professional events.


Solar Show MENA 2019 day 2 @ 14:50

Case Study: Going off-grid: The world’s first 100% solar powered construction cabin

  • Introducing the world’s first 24 hour solar powered office and accommodation cabin utilising a battery storage system
  • Providing reliable and efficient methods of cooling relief for workers and employees
  • Capitalising on declining costs and increased performance of PV and Battery Storage Systems (BSS) with off-grid renewable systems
  • Describing the benefits of battery storage for supporting energy demand, monitoring, adjusting and analyzing the system remotely
last published: 13/Jan/19 08:35 GMT

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