Ali Al Jassim | Chief Executive Officer
Al Etihad Energy Services | United Arab Emirates

Ali Al Jassim, Chief Executive Officer, Al Etihad Energy Services

Ali Al Jassim is currently the CEO of Etihad Energy Services, the Super ESCO in the Emirates of Dubai, which is committed to making the emirate one of the most sustainable cities and a leading example of energy efficiency for the region and the world. While playing a key role in the expansion of Etihad ESCO, Al Jassim formed two verticals under Etihad umbrella– Etihad Solar & Etihad M&V in the past one year and currently leads the development of the District Cooling vertical. He also spearheads Etihad ESCO’s plans to expand its footprint to the rest of the MENA region and to other parts of the world. With Al Jassim at the helm, Etihad ESCO has retrofitted approx. 2,200 facilities (offices, staff accommodation, villas etc), which has helped Dubai save 170 GWh of electricity and 470 MIG of water until 2017. In addition, he is highly instrumental in the efforts aimed at achieving the target to retrofit 30,000 buildings by 2030, in line with the Dubai Demand Side Management (DSM) strategy. The key retrofit projects delivered under Ali Jassim ’s supervision are Dubai Airports, Dubai International Financial Center, Wasl Properties, DEWA Retrofit, Jebel Ali Free Zone retrofit. Prior to joining Etihad ESCO, AlJassim held top positions in both public and private sector entities such as the Head of Follow-up and Development Office at the Dubai Municipality, Acting CEO & Director of Drivers Licensing at RTA and General Manager of Qeyadah Driving Solutions. He holds a PhD in Business Management, Master of Business Administration with Honors and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and has 24 years of experience in leading roles delivering programs and projects. Major projects executed under Ali Jassim’s supervision during his career include Al Garhoud Bridge; Business Bay Bridge; Hatta Solar (Residences); Mai Dubai Ghaffath Solar (No.1 Solar Project on single roof in the world) and Museum of the Future Solar.


Solar Show MENA 2019 day 1 @ 15:20

Etihad “The Super ESCO ”driving the solar market in Dubai, UAE with the Shams Dubai Program

  • Helping to develop the solar industry in Dubai
  • Producing solar power for commercial and industrial sectors
  • Focusing on the benefits of Shams Dubai – reducing bills and contributing to an overall cleaner environment
  • Explaining the potential energy capacity and what this means for the future ‘green economy’

Solar Show MENA 2019 day 2 @ 14:50

Achieving the path to Bahrain’s National Renewable Energy Action Plan

  • Targeting 6% efficiency by 2025
  • Encouraging local and distributed generation to meet local demand
  • Allowing large industrial consumers to create their own generation facilities
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