A Saudi company established in 2014, working in the field of renewable energy with the aim of providing the Saudi market with the best global products in the field of energy. Also, the global trend seeking to increase the participation of clean energy as an optimal alternative to traditional energy (petroleum - coal .... etc.), bearing in mind that solar energy can be used directly in the work of solar energy heaters, lighting poles and solar water pumps, and this helps in reducing Pollution and reduce carbon dioxide emissions as a result of the use of traditional methods of energy generation. All studies have indicated that traditional energy sources are doomed to depletion within a few decades. There must be an optimal alternative, which is of course clean and renewable energies. Solar energy in all its applications is one of the most important tributaries of renewable energy. Especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and even the entire Arab region, and in order to achieve our goals, we had to follow the latest technologies used in In that field and choosing what suits us, and the goal was clear and specific, and it is a high-quality product at an appropriate price, and that goal can only be achieved through research, science and development, as well as integration with specialized research and scientific bodies.

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