Mohsen Malaki | Managing Director And Partner
Synergy Consulting

Mohsen Malaki, Managing Director And Partner, Synergy Consulting

Mohsen is the Managing Director at Synergy Consulting Group.
Mohsen has 20 years of experience covering emerging markets, across strategy, planning, and execution roles. Mohsen’s industry expertise spans telecom, media, technology, and digital. 
Prior to Synergy Consulting Group, Mohsen was Senior Director of Strategy at Intigral, the digital media JV created by Saudi Telecom, Astro, and SRMG, based in Dubai.
Mohsen was also Senior Manager and Head of the Research & Intelligence Unit at Delta Partners, a boutique Dubai-based management consulting firm. 
Prior to 2007, Mohsen was the head (Senior Director) of Emerging Markets for Consulting services at IDC, based in Europe, the global leader in advisory and research services for the telecom, digital, media, & IT sector


Seamless ME 2019 day 1 @ 14:20

PANEL: The transformative power of automation in banking

  • Placing banking at the forefront of the new “machine age”
  • Transitioning RPA and AI from the back office to the front office
  • ATM 2.0: moving towards robo-banking, interactive ATMs and chatbots
  • Spurring innovation, increasing demand and altering the competitive dynamics beyond operational transformation

Seamless ME 2019 day 1 @ 15:00

PANEL: Rethinking the lending and credit value chain

  • Exploring the new ecosystem
  • Collaborating or competing with fintechs and bigtechs?
  • Discovering hybrid lending models to capitalise on the SME market
  • Playing to your strengths: scrutinising the incumbents and fintechs
  • Utilising the banks liquidity with balance sheet lending
  • Combining the banks scalability, firepower and reputation with fintech innovation

Seamless ME 2019 day 1 @ 15:20

SME credit: where to next?

  • Is there a fintech and bank discourse in the SME place?
  • Changing the traditional thinking behind SME lending with hybrid banking models
  • Reaching the undeserved in emerging and developed markets with SME credit
  • Leveraging solutions to serve new consumer groups
  • Capturing a new market segment with SME lending and credit

Seamless ME 2019 day 2 @ 15:00

PANEL: Becoming millennially-minded: transforming wealth management

  • What does the future hold for the investment ecosystem?
  • Exploring GAFA and the “bigtechs” encroaching on the wealthtech space
  • Role of incumbents: innovate internally, acquire or collaborate?
  • Supporting HNWI’s with digital solutions
  • Is software creating a “winner takes all” ecosystem?
  • Partner, merge, acquire or acquihire: where next for wealthtech collaboration?
last published: 15/Apr/19 13:15 GMT

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