Gaurav Dhar | Second Generation FinTech Entrepreneur. Tech Investor. Mentor

Gaurav Dhar, Second Generation FinTech Entrepreneur. Tech Investor. Mentor, Advisor

He is the Manager of the Payments Solution Provider Marshal Equipment and has been working at Marshal for over 14 years now, handling the day to day business, delivering solutions, building long-term partnerships and payment ecosystems.

He personally leads the charge on innovation, with a view to the future of payments both locally and globally via his network and clients around the world which include VC's, incubators, accelerators, and start-ups.

Marshal Equipment has clients in over 18 countries, with all of its IP developed in-house, based out of Dubai for the last 38 years.

The company looks to cater to, foster and work with FinTech solution innovators locally and globally.


Seamless ME 2019 day 1 @ 14:40

PANEL: AI empowered automation: hype or seismic industry impact?

  • Delivering a major industry change with chatbots, advanced machine learning and deep learning
  • Extracting relevant information from unstructured data with AI technology
  • Disappearing payments into the broader transactional experience
  • Integrating payments into automated machines acting on the consumers behalf
last published: 15/Apr/19 13:15 GMT

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