Farshad Nowshadi | Vice President Technology
Saman Bank Corp

Farshad Nowshadi, Vice President Technology, Saman Bank Corp

An initial investor in Google and Amazon and investor in some FinTech startup across the Middle East, Europe and USA. VP of eStrategy at Saman Bank, helped the Bank to become one of the most innovative technological Banks in the Middle East with over 4 Million customers, and one the most used Online Payment Gateways in the world. Also currently part of one of Europe largest Fin/Tech start-up community VC programs at Level 39-London and Plug and Play/Santander FinTech Startups at Station-F in  Paris. For 25 years, Farshad has been one of the critical global consultants to Reuters Financial services, Deutsche Bank,  Barclays, Stockbrokers and at Microsoft-Seattle HQ. Farshad is Author of several internationally-selling books on technology in the financial world and often requested Intentional Speaker on FinTech at Finance conferences. He has an M.Phil (Computing) from Sussex(UK) Univ.


Seamless ME 2019 day 1 @ 09:00

PANEL: Inclusion rises. Disparities remain.

  • Overcoming the inequalities between rich and poor, men and women
  • Outlining the opportunity o 1.7 billion adults unbankedo 2/3rds have a mobile phone
  • Empowering with digital banking for prosperity and economic growth
  • Capturing the exponential growth in mobile financial transactions to reach underserved or unserved markets
last published: 15/Apr/19 13:15 GMT

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