Adi Putra | Conference Director
The Bandha Hotel & Suites | Indonesia

Adi Putra, Conference Director, The Bandha Hotel & Suites

Adi is a digital marketing manager at The Bandha Hotel & Suites. Prior to his appointment in 2016, he was a corporate digital marketing & social media manager at the L Hotel & Resorts. His main accomplishment is on digital marketing, including optimise SEM, CRO, display advertising, re-targeting & re-marketing, EDM, social media, e-commerce, and online distribution.


Seamless Indonesia 2017 - Day 1 @ 15:10

Supporting the digital transformation of the hospitality and travel industry in Indonesia

  • Best practices in developing incentives programs for the promotion of digitization
  • Challenges of going digital for traditionally analog industries
  • Making sense of big data: opportunities and challenges

E-Commerce & Retail University Indonesia 2017 (Day 2) @ 10:00

An introduction to e-commerce digital design

This workshop will address some of the key aspects of how to correctly and efficiently establish a retailing company. It will also demonstrate how overcoming the red tape and confusing regulations could be seen as an opportunity instead of a threat - to gain ground in the massive consumer market before your competitors.

E-Commerce & Retail University Indonesia 2017 (Day 2) @ 11:00

An introduction to e-commerce website design

A 45 minute workshop introducing you to the fundamentals you need to consider before embarking on your e-commerce web store. The session will also include a discussion on the pros and cons of creating your own site from scratch versus using one of the many platforms that do the job for you.

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