Ndahambelela Haifene | Candidate Legal Practitioner/Candidate Attorney
Ikanga Legal Practitioners

Ndahambelela Haifene, Candidate Legal Practitioner/Candidate Attorney, Ikanga Legal Practitioners

Within her current career in the legal fraternity, Ndahambelela has worked with clients from different private sectors including but not limited to, mining and extraction, energy and electricity, Engineering as well as Investing. She assisted such clients with legal
research, legal advice, drafting of contracts, settlements and renegotiation of contracts. She has an interest in Mining law, Investment and Banking law, Business Law, Commercial and Company law but she is also open to integrating into new spheres through the legal lens.


POWER 2022 DAY 1 @ 11:10

INTERVIEW: Honing personnel structures: enforcing training and remote operations for efficiency

POWER 2022 DAY 1 @ 11:30

INTERVIEW: Renewable energy in the retail sector: Shoprite’s case study

POWER 2022 DAY 1 @ 13:10

PANEL: Capitalising on the next wave of energy grid development: new corridors and regional substations


POWER 2022 DAY 1 @ 14:20

PANEL: New customers, new locations, new business models: how to expand the network


POWER 2022 DAY 2 @ 11:00

PANEL: Promoting access to energy with common market initiatives to drive private sector investment


POWER 2022 DAY 2 @ 15:00

PANEL: From vision to action: partnering with the relevant authorities, services, and tech innovators for the Africa of tomorrow

last published: 15/Aug/22 15:35 GMT
last published: 15/Aug/22 15:35 GMT

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