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Jinkosolar Unveils The Industry New Era With Its 2020 Flagship Tiger Pro Series


The new Tiger Pro Series panels with excellent power output of up to 585Wp break fresh ground for the industry: this is the first 585Wp utility solar panel commercialized, continuing the combination of tiling ribbon, MBB and half-cut cell technologies adopted in Tiger previous generation. This series includes standard 72 cell and upgraded 78 cell design with peak efficiency of up to 21.6% allied to lasting performance. All the modules under this family are available in both mono facial and bifacial options. 

The utilization of MBB and TR processes maximizes power density, while half cut cell design minimizes the power loss in shade conditions. Tiger Pro is highly compatible with both string and central inverters, either mounted with tracker or fixed supporting structure. 78 TR is known for its record high power output of up to 585 Wp. Together with matching BOS system, it may achieve the lowest LCOE ever made in some geographic scenario according to the third party stimulations. JinkoSolar’s flagship Tiger Pro series modules are planned to be rolled off in Q3 2020 or early next year.

The Tiger Pro Series builds on the success of Tiger’s TR tiling ribbon technology. Key highlights of this series include:
  • The most powerful utility module ever of up to 585 watt peak
  • The most efficient p-type mono module of average 21.6%
  • 12-year product warranty, a 0.55% annual degradation over 25-year power warranty for mono facial and 0.45% annual degradation over 30- year power warranty for bifacial, resulting in a distinctly higher power yield over lifetime
  • Improved performance in shaded conditions
  • Flexible installation options


“We are taking a big step by leapfrogging into 585+Wp and 21% module efficiency series, reinforcing our leading position in technology innovation and manufacturing excellence. It is one thing to design high efficiency products on a lab scale, but a totally different one to bring it to mass production. This series of three modules can help create more powerful and efficient installations in a range of scenarios.” said Kangping Chen, CEO of JinkoSolar at the launch event.










AlphaESS helps to enhance electricity access in Africa


AlphaESS is one of the leading energy storage solution and service providers in the globe, with 10+ subsidiaries providing local services and 40000+ systems actively running in over 50 countries. The company specializes in the residential and commercial market, aiming to deliver the most cost-effective and fit-for-purpose solutions. 

With more than 640 million people still lacking electricity access by 2019, electricity access remains a major challenge in Africa. AlphaESS’ energy storage solution could supply uninterrupted energy during power outage or load shedding and decrease the electricity demand tariff to save money. It also provides mini-grid solutions to enhance electricity access in developing countries. Discover more, please click here .

AlphaESS Storion series were born 2 years before the load-shedding became a ‘monster’ threatening normal electricity usage in South Africa. In 2 years, the Storion series have proved themselves efficient and stable power supply for the daily life and industrial production in SA. 

T30: 30kW on grid energy storage system for SMEs. AlphaESS flattens your grid electricity curve with fast response and emission-free solution. With unique modular and all-in-one design, T30 can help to avoid the increase of import capacity to supply the peaks of a variable load.

T50/T100: 50kW/100kW ess. A perfect pain killer of load-shedding in South with hybrid PCS deals with both DC/AC power flow. The system helps to increase PV self-consumption, build mini-grids and provide UPS (interrupted energy supply) for backup. 

AlphaESS’ stand-alone systems can establish mini-grids, which 'light up' villages where the grid cannot reach. T50/T100 and B250/B500 (number represents the power) have already done some contribution in African land. And AlphaESS SMILE series are also loyal guardians for families. 

AlphaESS provides a comprehensive solution which integrates the energy storage system, solar system and diesel generator to provide stable electricity at competitive price, enabling millions of people to live with reliable, accessible and clean energy. 










[JUST LAUNCHED] ⚡ SHARP: 440W half-cut cell PV panel NU-JD440 ⚡

Available now! SHARP Solar EMEA added a high-performance 440W PV panel to the half-cut cell portfolio:

▶️ M6 wafer for more power
▶️ 9 busbars for higher efficiency
▶️ Low temperature coefficient (-0.347%/°C)
▶️ Long cables for leapfrog wiring


Use the module for your next large free-field or roof-top project and achieve maximum yields! Click for more information, the datasheet and all other documents: http://bit.ly/NUJD440

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates – October 1st – Trina Solar announces that its mass production of Vertex 550W ultra-high-power modules in Yancheng, Jiangsu province, has begun with the opening of a new manufacuting plant. The new Vertex factory was completed in 2020. It is equipped with advanced equipment and industrial facilities, and highly automated and intelligent operating systems.

The mass production of the 550W module is a milestone in speeding up the industrialization of ultra-high power module technological innovations and their application. Vertex 550W ultra-high power modules contain three key advanced technologies, including multi-bus grid, non-destructive cutting and high-density packaging.

At the beginning of this year Trina Solar launched the Vertex 500W+ module. Not only does this ensure high efficiency and high power, it also significantly reduces system costs. Recently Trina Solar's Vertex 600W/550W ultra-high power modules have passed the comprehensive reliability test by TÜV Rheinland. 


Zhang Yingbin, Senior Director of Solar Product VCG at Trina Solar said: “With decades of experience and technological advances, an excellent R&D team and a great factory, we are fully prepared to take advantage of the latest materials and technologies and to provide the market with 550W ultra high-power modules to facilitate and link innovation for the entire industry chain, and to convert the technology into true customer value.”

For more information, please visit www.trinasolar.com






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