Solar & Storage


Solar & Storage, Tuesday 26 March 2019


Organiser’s opening remarks

Bertha Dlamini

Chairperson’s opening remarks

Keynote Plenary

Søren Hermansen

Keynote: Beyond the Grid: The thrilling potential for off-grid energy in Africa

  • The Samsø island story: Going 100% renewable
  • Rethinking the cost of off-grid power: Let's Do the Math
  • Sustainability matters
  • How Africa can best exploit off grid tech
Andrew Herscowitz

How to work with Power Africa to secure investment

Andrew Herscowitz, Coordinator Of Power Africa And President, USAID
Panel discussion

Debate: Renewables versus clean coal

Two opposing views, join our keynotes as they debate the topic and how clean is clean? The costs, the tech and everything in between !

The Presidential fireside chat

What is it like to oversee multiple mega infrastructure construction projects from the very top? What informs an infrastructure development plan? How should Africa go about in developing new power infrastructure? What would the former president do differently given the chance? Regrets and lessons learnt

Skills Development in the context of fourth industrial revolution


Speed networking


Exhibition viewing, Networking and Refreshments

Judicaël Léonce Eugène Anvane-Obame
Solar & Storage

Trends and driving forces – unleashing markets forces in Africa

  • Global solar trends – making them relevant for Africa
  • Cost, predictability and economic returns
  • Integration and technology advances support renewables
Deberny Dokowane
Solar & Storage

Solar 2.0: advancements on the horizon

  • Getting down to business in the C&I sector
  • Key trends in solar inverters and power electronics
  • Solar as a Platform: Fitting solar with IoT, HEMS & other fun acronyms
Chikwerem Obi
Solar & Storage

Changing solar landscape: Crossroads and the road ahead

  • New and innovative business models for solar development
  • Advancements in storage and solar technologies and their effect
  • Implementation of new technology and knowledge transfer
  • Economies of scale and foreseeable cost reductions
  • Investment climate in Africa
  • How can industry stakeholders tap onto this burgeoning opportunity?

How to enable agility and disruption in the energy industry


How to harness geothermal power in Africa


Human capacity development in the power and energy sector


Solar energy: Finding the recipe for large-scale deployment


Winds of change? How to develop the wind sector in Africa


Youths as catalyst for increased solar penetration in developing countries


Networking Lunch and Exhibition Visit

Solar for large energy users

Stephen Djaba
Solar & Storage

Why solar for mines? Why now?

  • Why does solar energy integration make business sense today – what are the main drivers?
  • Key criteria for the renewables and storage investments business case
  • Overcoming barriers and internal hurdles
  • Communicating the commercial value of renewables
  • How do mining leaders see the energy transition of mines developing?
Lucy Chege

Investor keynote panel: Hear what really matters to infrastructure investors

  • Putting financial close first
  • The ongoing role of infrastructure allocations in an alternatives strategy
  • How should new entrants to the asset class address the various risk factors?
  • The evolving definitions of infrastructure and the effect on investor thinking
  • Directs, co-investments and platforms. What do the access options of the future look like?
Lucy Chege, Divisional Executive For Investment Banking Division, Development Bank of Southern Africa
Vahid Fotuhi

Keynote: A vision for a solar-powered Africa

  • Making DESERTEC a reality
  • Building one of the world’s largest solar factories in Africa
  • Lowering panel costs, taking control of the supply chain and supporting the new government’s agenda to bring manufacturing to Africa
  • Enabling Africa to become a leading energy exporter
  • The move towards becoming SEA’s first vertically integrated solar company
  • Bringing (solar) power to the people
  • Conditions for success
  • Creating a positive environment for Solar Home Systems investment
Vahid Fotuhi, Managing Director, Access Future Metals
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Solar & Storage, Wednesday 27 March 2019


Chairperson’s opening remarks


Keynote: The future of electricity and the forces disrupting the sector

  • An introduction to National Grid
  • The new digital disruptors
  • Digital innovations in international utilities and how Africa can capitalise on the opportunities of the digital age
  • Creating a robust distribution grid infrastructure to capitalise on the digital revolution
  • Building new technology infrastructures and installing millions of devices in the field while meeting the challenges of providing safe, reliable and lowest possible cost power and new services to an ever-growing customer base
  • Meeting changing customer needs by opening new digital channels and providing more information and insights, along with innovative products and services
  • Innovation, disruption and the utility business model – what’s next?
Zayra Romo

The grand debate: Localising the energy economy

Two opposing views, join our keynotes as they debate the following questions:What implications will the recently signed African Continental Free Trade Agreement have for manufacturing localisation in the power sector across Africa? Will decentralised generation become mainstream? How utilities transition changing power markets? Is the net electricity exporter dream alive and well? Will embedded generation and net metering take off?
Zayra Romo, Senior Energy Specialist, The World Bank Group
Mima Nedelcovych, President And Chief Executive Officer, Initiative for Global Development
Panel discussion

Keynote Panel: Preparing today’s utility for tomorrow’s disruption: Future-proofing your business / Keeping up with new world business models: Why and how utilities need to change and innovate to stay

  • Is the utility business model as we know it becoming obsolete?
  • With distributed and new sources of energy coming into play, how can utilities seamlessly integrate it into the business?
  • Navigating disruptive trends in technology, policy and customer dynamics
  • Becoming a trendsetter: How can utilities stay ahead of the curve?
  • New opportunities: Developing strategic partnerships with other industries
  • Why and how should a utility consider listing on a stock exchange
  • Strategies for long term shareholder value: What next following restructuring and where can growth be found in the power sector?
William Liabunya, Chief Executive Officer, Electricity Generation Company (Malawi) Ltd (EGENCO)
Jean Bosco Kayombo Katanga, Director General, S N E L

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Big picture


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Big picture

Ahmed Zobaa
Solar & Storage

Utility scale storage: From concept to development

  • Accelerating development of utility scale power projects
  • Assessment of viability, costs & returns
  • Bridging the development gap with JVs
  • Financing throughout the project development cycle
  • Integration of new solar technologies and energy storage to projects
Karen Surridge-Talbot
Solar & Storage

The new rules of competition in energy storage

  • Going down: Battery and balance-of-system costs
  • Staying ahead: Opportunities for energy-storage players
Solar & Storage

Gold Sponsor 10 minutes


Buying, selling, funding or restructuring IPPs or partnering with others


Converting data into insight


Embedding governance, risk and compliance throughout their organization, supply chain and business ecosystems


Engaging with customers on their terms


How a utility can turn cyber risks into an opportunity


Leveraging people as a strategic asset


Mitigating threats to operations, IT systems and business


Municipalities generating their own energy


Optimizing operations and streamlining support functions

Wendinmi Hermann Oger Dipama, Ingenieur Electromecanicien, Societe nationale d'electricite du Burkina

Re-engineering the skills SETAs - Establishing strategies to change, grow, adapt, shape and respond to a disruptive environment

Yvette Manuel, Training And Seta Administrator, Kelvin Power

The next big solar market: Engaging low & moderate income communities


Transforming risk into a strategic advantage


Trash talk: How waste-to-energy can gain traction in Africa


Turning the utility’s technology vision into reality


You will go bankrupt unless you know this: Codes and standards


Networking Lunch and Exhibition Visit

Energy storage economics

Mkhulu Kenny Mathe
Solar & Storage

Battery storage economics: The next disruptive technology in the power sector

  • Why the future of commercial battery storage is bright
  • Implications for the utility industry
  • Behind the meter & in front of the meter
Mohamed Mahmoud Soliman
Solar & Storage

The new economics of energy storage

  • Where to compete: Model insights
  • Demand-charge management
  • Grid-scale renewable power
  • Small-scale solar-plus storage
  • Frequency regulation
  • How to compete: The state of batteries
  • Policy and market limits
  • What the future may hold
Bernard Bladergroen
Solar & Storage

Making money with energy storage

  • Driving returns by going after multiple revenue streams
  • Selling capacity storage to a utility
  • Overcoming obstacles to investment such as technology risks
Bernard Bladergroen, Professor: Sa Institute For Advanced Materials Chemistry (Energy), University of the Western Cape
Solar & Storage

Gold Sponsor 10 minutes

Energy storage & the utility

Assanatou Mahamadou Dite Tapa Cisse
Solar & Storage

The African energy storage landscape – Market analysis, successful business models & best practices

  • Global perspectives
  • Regional Clean Energy Advocates
  • Trends and opportunities in emerging Africa
  • Technology and market assessment
Solar & Storage

The business case for energy storage in Africa

  • From household to micro-grids
  • Storage for an aging grid
  • Energy storage & the utility business model
  • How Africa can structure financeable energy storage contracts and incentive programs
Mikhail Nikomarov
Solar & Storage

How to create an energy storage market

  • How important is the co-development of storage projects and technology alongside new renewables capacity?
  • What are the most viable options to tackle renewables’ intermittency? Batteries, balancing mechanisms, international transmission cables, or a combination?
  • Is there a greenfield pipeline of bankable projects?
  • Who is likely to finance these assets?
Solar & Storage

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Close of Power and Electricity World Africa 2019

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