Solar & Energy Storage


Solar & Energy Storage, Tuesday 27 March 2018


Organiser’s opening remarks


Chairperson’s opening remarks

Robert Armstrong

Rethinking universal access to energy in Africa

  •     Energy policy & economics redefined: Reframing the energy mix at government level
  •     How should power be democratised to the masses so more people can access electricity
  •     Understanding the evolving role of the utility in the value chain - How will the utility business model change as small-scale, distributed renewable energy adoption grows
  •     How can we better operate the utility of the future?
  •     Getting to the promise land: Realising the promise of gas to power in Africa
  •     Infrastructure upgrades to improve efficiency, reliability and reduce costs
  •     Accelerating new builds: Investment required to propel the industry forward
  •     Solving the talent crises
Robert Armstrong, Director of MIT Energy Initiative, M.I.T. Energy Initiative

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Abel Nsabimana
Solar & Energy Storage

Accelerating solar deployment in Africa

  •     The African solar market outlook
  •     What do cost reflective tariffs of the future in Africa look like? 
  •     The next frontier: Rates, embedded gen and net metering 
Richard Doyle
Solar & Energy Storage

Building a C&I industry in Africa 

  •     Failure to launch: Why C&I policy matters and what’s holding it back?
  •     Cracking the big opportunity in small commercial solar
  •     Innovative funding models
  •     Can this sector be competitive without subsidies
Yesufu Longe Alonge
Solar & Energy Storage

De-risking your PPA

  •     Understanding your counterparty and their creditworthiness
  •     Credit enhancements
  •     Developer examples of recent PPAs 
Yesufu Longe Alonge, Former General Manager Power Procurement and Power Contract Management, Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc

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Jo Dean
Solar & Energy Storage

Getting more utility scale projects to market

  •     Building utility scale solar projects from ground zero
  •     Structuring deals without sovereign guarantees 
  •     Overcoming issues of land acquisition
  •     Securing grid connection and PPAs
  •     Securing finance before construction and PPA guarantee
  •     Experiences from project developers in rolling out utility scale solar projects
Jo Dean, Board Member, SA Photovoltaic Industry Association

Utility scale

Solar & Energy Storage

Large-scale PV: Design considerations and case studies

  •     Design process and considerations
  •     Pre-project planning and site analysis
  •     Tech selection
  •     Asset optimisation and management 
  •     Meeting the challenges of working in a different environment  
Solar & Energy Storage

Adding CSP to Africa's solar energy mix

  •     What is holding CSP back?
  •     CSP’s role in grid management
  •     The South African scenario
  •     Launching a pan African CSP association  

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A new revenue model for municipalities

Rens Bindeman, Technical Advisor, SA Revenue Protection Association

International standards (in the power sector) and their importance

Evah Oduor, Regional Director, IEC Africa Regional Centre

Metering solar power

Harold Hayes, Chief Technical Officer, Landis + Gyr Pty Ltd

ROUNDTABLE: Consolidating energy reforms across Africa


ROUNDTABLE: Designing of power plants - Keeping energy efficiency in mind

Gareth Gregory

ROUNDTABLE: Eye on the horizon: How utilities can prepare for a DER future

Brian O'Hanlon

African energy projects: Sovereign guarantee or no sovereign guarantee? A choice with a long-lasting impact

  •     Are African power sovereign guarantees worth the paper they are written on? 
  •     Innovative funding models – financing without sovereign guarantees
  •     For the bold and fearless: How to invest in a non-investment grade market
  •     Where are the investors looking to invest
Brian O'Hanlon, Director of Business Development, Political & Sovereign Risk Insurance, Overseas Private Investment Corporation
Alan Mukoki, Chief Executive Officer, South African Chamber of Commerce and Inudstry
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Solar & Energy Storage, Wednesday 28 March 2018


Chairperson’s opening remarks

Panel discussion

Keynote panel: An industry on the move: The utility of the future

  •     Increasing pressure in the global power industry’s core businesses and unprecedented competition across the value chain
  •     Massive opportunities awaiting those able to transform themselves and stay ahead of the curve as new technologies becomes competitive in many markets and have profoundly changed utilities needs
  •     How this is affecting utilities across the globe and in Africa especially as many view the revolution as a threat to their business model
  •     Diversifying the utility’s business model to safeguard profits: Ancillary service revenue opportunities from managing the customer’s home
  •     The grid is going smart: How to position the utility as a broadband service provider 
Lawrence Jones

Shaping the future of energy

  •     The state of the global energy markets
  •     Megatrends for energy efficiency and renewable energy and how these will impact Africa
  •     Digitalisation and how it is redefining energy
  •     New energy pioneers - Exploring the shifting forces in power markets
  •     Future energy prices - Impact on green technology
  •     Biofuels controversy, the solar disruption and climate change
  •     Fossil fuels & thermal generation – Do they still have a future?
  •     Tech & innovation – What comes next?

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Bernard Bladergroen
Solar & Energy Storage

The global energy storage market – Current status and key trends

  •     The state of batteries: The rapidly evolving global storage industry today
  •     Market drivers and trends
  •     New tech, applications and best practices
  •     Innovative business models
  •     New finance and funding models
  •     Opportunities ahead - Technology roadmap energy storage 
Ahmed Zobaa
Solar & Energy Storage

Electrical energy Storage - Finding energy utopia with energy storage

  •     Technology Overview
  •     Applications
  •     Case studies
  •     Main developments
  •     Market needs
  •     Current market
  •     Future market potential
  •     Future roles & challenges

Inga Interconnection Project (DR Congo) -Cabinda (Angola) -Pointe Noire (Congo)


Roundtable Discussion Session

Now’s your chance to get really interactive! Simply pick one of our roundtable topics and join the debate. 
Numbers will be limited at each table, to ensure everybody gets their chance to participate in the discussion.

ROUNDTABLE: Cross border projects – getting them to work


ROUNDTABLE: Intelligence through software: optimising loads, orchestrating resources, and aggregating fleets


ROUNDTABLE: Opportunities in a destabilised African energy environment, setting a new trajectory


ROUNDTABLE: Regulator roundup: Tying it all together


ROUNDTABLE: The Clean Power Plan – The African edition - Lesson’s from Obama’s Clean Power Plan


ROUNDTABLE: The regulatory framework requirement as the electricity supply industry transition distribution generation

Solar & Energy Storage


Karen Surridge-Talbot
Solar & Energy Storage

Accelerating storage market adoption

  •     Opportunities ahead - an overview of the African energy storage market
  •     The new economics of African energy storage
  •     Energy storage financing: A roadmap for accelerating market growth
  •     New regulatory and legislative drivers
Amadou Kane
Solar & Energy Storage

Storage, balancing and capacity: Is a market being created?

  •     How important is the co-development of storage projects and technology alongside new renewables capacity?
  •     What are the most viable options to tackle renewables’ intermittency? Batteries, balancing mechanisms, international transmission cables, or a combination?
  •     Is there a greenfield pipeline of bankable projects?
  •     Who is likely to finance these assets? 
Chikwerem Obi
Solar & Energy Storage

Electrifying rural Africa with solar-plus-storage

  •     Market updates, support mechanisms and targets
  •     Opportunities, enablers and hurdles in Sub-Saharan Africa 

Energy storage & the utility

Kouamé Kissy Dey
Solar & Energy Storage

Energy storage for the African utility of today

  •     From household to micro-grids
  •     Storage for an aging grid 
  •     Energy storage & the utility business model
  •     How Africa can structure financeable energy storage contracts and incentive programs  
Charles Bayless
Solar & Energy Storage

Case study: Strategies and insights from a first-mover utilities 

  •     Ground-breaking business models for unlocking storage value
  •     Enhancing existing transmission, distribution and generation assets with storage
  •     Integrating a diverse energy storage fleet 
Assanatou Mahamadou Dite Tapa Cisse
Solar & Energy Storage

Utility of the future – Planning and advanced energy storage technologies

  •     A truly integrated resource plan
  •     Strategies for the next gen grid
  •     Customer centricity 
  •     The future of energy storage

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