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As commerce experiences erratic power supply and increasing power tariffs, more and more large energy users are looking at alternative sources as well as the viability of building their own power plants. Building your own power plant comes with a unique set of challenges, more so if you are not in the business of generating power.

This intensive seminar provides businesses with ideas and models for building your own energy assets, making the move cost effective as well as how you can attract investment for such builds. Expert advice and strategy will be given around overcoming the challenges of considering new power sources and how microgrids can contribute to savings for industrial users.

These are a few of the FREE-to-attend sessions that have been tailored for energy professionals from the mining, agricultural, construction, transportation, automotive and manufacturing sectors.

Location: Energy for Commerice Seminar Theatre - Level -2



10:30 The architectural strategies required to power remote sites - Sundeep Jivan, Director, SAJ Architects
Reserved for  Honeywell

How can business achieve energy savings across multiple sites or buildings? - Warwick Ham, Group Leader: Process Engineering Department, Steinmüller

12:00 The increase in renewable energy development zones and the impact on surrounding communities across South Africa - Eddy Mokobodi, Director, Emerging Markets Africa
12:30 The energy professional of the future - Keith Cassie, President, Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation
What it takes for large energy users to reduce energy consumption and improve energy performance - Sashay Ramdharee, Project Manager: Energy Systems Optimisation, NCPC
13:30 Energy Management and energy audit for retail and industrial energy efficiency - Emmanuel Maepa, Director, Dr H E Maepa Institute (Pty) Ltd
5 Things you MUST KNOW before going solar - Jonathan de Magalhães, Senior Solar Architect, Solar Vantage
14:30 Topec's Smart Power Management Solution: avoid blackouts while implementing solar in your existing off-grid power plant - Robbert Vlekke, Sales Manager, Topec B.V 
15:00 Energy Storage for Commerce in Africa - Field Nsofwa Chali, CEO - Global Human Benefit Zambia Limited
15:30 Stop buying solar…buy ENERGY! Serious businesses need integrated Energy Solutions - Rob Strange, General Manager, ANH Technologies



10:30 No Joke! Questions you must ask your Solar Installer before accepting their quote - Jonathan de Magalhães, Senior Solar Architect, Solar Vantage
11:00 Investing in on-site solar photovoltaic electricity generation - Terrence Chetty, Energy Manager, Denel Group
11:30 Reserved for Honeywell
12:00 Power quality, energy efficiency & risks faced in the 21st Century - Rod McPherson, Director, Energy Saver
12:30 The correct electricity generating mix for developing economies such as South Africa - Rob Jeffrey, Economic Risk Consultant, Economic Risk Consulting
13:00 Maximising Solar Photovoltaic by creating a micro Grid - Braam Dalgeish, Energy Manager, Standard Bank
13:30 Case study: The fundamentals of compressed air systems optimisation - Albert Williams, Energy Engineer, UNIDO
14:00 New generation technologies in PV, focus on AE Solar HSF solar panel - Anastasia Taso Gegia, Regional Manager Western Europe, Italy and Africa, AE Solar
14:30 Simultaneously addressing RSA’s competing economic & clean energy needs - Denise Lundall, Project Manager: Cool Surfaces Projects, SANEDI
15:00 Reserved for the Austrian Pavilion
15:30 Self-ownership vs funded solutions (like PPA’s) of RE plants for businesses – an analysis - Adhila Mayet, Senior Developer, Pele Green Energy




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