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Cerecin is a global healthcare company with almost 20 years of innovation and leadership in aging and health. We develop novel, evidence-based therapeutics. These neurotherapeutics target conditions ranging from age-associated memory impairment to some of the most devastating neurological diseases. Headquartered in Singapore and Colorado, USA, we develop therapies for people around the world.


It is recognised that very early in Alzheimer’s disease the brain loses its ability to effectively metabolise glucose, its main source of fuel. This is thought to then lead to a pathological cascade that ultimately ends with cell degeneration and death. Cerecin’s therapeutics platform addresses this metabolic deficit by providing an alternative source of fuel to brain cells in the form of ketone bodies, thereby improving brain metabolism and consequently, cognitive function.


Cerecin is developing Tricaprilin, an investigational small molecule drug, which has been designed to optimally induce ketosis and thereby improve cerebral metabolism. Cerecin is also advancing Axona®, an innovative and differentiated medical food, for the dietary management of Alzheimer’s disease. Axona® is currently marketed in the US and is now being partnered for commercialisation across Asia-Pacific.







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