Weng Khong Lim | Director Of Bioinformatics
Singhealth Duke-NUS Genomic Medicine Centre | Singapore

Weng Khong Lim, Director Of Bioinformatics, Singhealth Duke-NUS Genomic Medicine Centre

Weng Khong is Director of Bioinformatics at the SingHealth Duke-NUS Genomic Medicine Centre, and Assistant Professor in the Cancer
& Stem Cell program at the Duke-NUS Medical School. He obtained his PhD in Genetics from Cambridge University in 2012 and
subsequently conducted his postdoctoral research at the National Cancer Centre
Singapore (NCCS), where he worked in projects aimed at uncovering the
genomic basis of various cancers. Since 2016, he has been directing efforts to set up a genome analytics platform that supports various genomic
medicine initiatives in SingHealth. In addition, his research interests include
the analysis of consumer wearable data (mHealth & Digital Health), and integration of EHR and
genomic data.


Phar East 2020 Agenda Day One @ 15:40

Using bioinformatics tools to study the genomic profile for personalised medicine

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