Belinda Klose | Head Of Curriculum
Christchurch Grammar School

Belinda Klose, Head Of Curriculum, Christchurch Grammar School

Belinda Klose currently Head of Curriculum at Christ Church Grammar School with over 20 years teaching experience. I completed a Masters of Education at Melbourne University with a core focus on leadership, curriculum, assessment and student needs. These opportunities have allowed me to inquire deeper into my own personal teaching pedagogy and question and understand the nature of the many changes evolving in Education today. Other prominent roles include Deputy Head of Junior School and Head of Teaching and Learning, these opportunities have continued to inspire and ignite my continuous love and passion for this wonderful career. Throughout my career I have led whole school curriculum transformation. These experiences have proven that with the capacity to develop solid relationships with all stakeholders and the ability to deliver clear consistent goals and the why, outcomes will be achieved. Over the years, I have led teams through projects such as, Southern Cross, a project funded through Independent School Victoria resulting in a case study write up, highlighting the success of a clear process in moving a school forward in transformational change.

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