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Auto Futures is where the automotive industry’s giants will debate what the future holds for the personal vehicle.

Niels De Boer, Program Director, Nanyang Technological University

Niels De Boer |  | Nanyang Technological University » speaking at MOVE Asia

Kobi Eisenberg, Co Founder And Chief Executive Officer,

Kobi Eisenberg |  | » speaking at MOVE Asia

Christie Fernandez, Founder, Sooorya

Christie Fernandez |  | Sooorya » speaking at MOVE Asia

Muhammad Haziq Faris Hasnol, Chief Executive Officer, Reka

Muhammad Haziq Faris Hasnol |  | Reka » speaking at MOVE Asia

Chris Heiser, Chief Executive Officer, Renovo

Kobayashi Hirokazu, Special Advisor To The Minister And Regional Head, Asia Pacific, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan

Kobayashi Hirokazu |  | Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan » speaking at MOVE Asia

Masayuki Ishizaki, Chief Executive Officer, Ascent Robotics

Masayuki Ishizaki |  | Ascent Robotics » speaking at MOVE Asia

David Lantz, Manager Of Sustainable Transport Solutions, Scania Southeast Asia

David Lantz |  | Scania Southeast Asia » speaking at MOVE Asia

Hallie Liao, Head Of International Development, Shenzhen Bus

Hallie Liao |  | Shenzhen Bus » speaking at MOVE Asia

Stephen Liu, Executive Director, Turing

Stephen Liu |  | Turing » speaking at MOVE Asia

Chin Hun Low, Vice President Of Autonomous Vehicles, SMRT and 2getthere Asia

Chin Hun Low |  | SMRT and 2getthere Asia » speaking at MOVE Asia

Julien Mialaret, Operating Partner, Idinvest Partners

Julien Mialaret |  | Idinvest Partners » speaking at MOVE Asia

Nguyen Nguyen, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, SeleX Motors

Nguyen Nguyen |  | SeleX Motors » speaking at MOVE Asia

Gary Ong, Managing Director, Car Club

Gary Ong |  | Car Club » speaking at MOVE Asia

Dr Jan Wei Pan, Vice President of Technology and Partnership, AutoX Technologies Inc.

Dr Jan Wei Pan |  | AutoX Technologies Inc. » speaking at MOVE Asia

Raymond B Ravelo, President, eSakay

Raymond B Ravelo |  | eSakay » speaking at MOVE Asia

Dato Madani Sahari, Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii)

Dato Madani Sahari |  | Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) » speaking at MOVE Asia

Harri Santamala, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Sensible 4

Harri Santamala |  | Sensible 4 » speaking at MOVE Asia

Rafiq Swash, Chief Executive Officer, Aidrivers

Rafiq Swash |  | Aidrivers » speaking at MOVE Asia

Dr. Guan Hong Tan, Head Of Autonomous Transport, ST Engineering

Dr. Guan Hong Tan |  | ST Engineering » speaking at MOVE Asia

Franck Vitte, Managing Director, Bluesg

Franck Vitte |  | Bluesg » speaking at MOVE Asia

Henrik Wigermo, Head Of Governmental And External Affairs, Southeast Asia, B.M.W. Asia

Ruslan Yegembayev, Chief Executive Officer, THEA

Ruslan Yegembayev |  | THEA » speaking at MOVE Asia

Junyi Zhang, Managing Partner, NIO Capital

Junyi Zhang |  | NIO Capital » speaking at MOVE Asia
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