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Webfleet is Bridgestone’s award-winning fleet management technology utilised and relied upon by over 50,000 fleets worldwide. Webfleet aids thousands of operations and fleet managers to maximise the long-term value and utilisation of their electric fleets, and minimise their carbon emissions.

Providing a complete suite of tools for ICE and electric vehicle data, driver behaviour, location and utilisation tracking, AI powered dashcams, and job management technology, Webfleet provides a complete 360 degree view over your operation's vehicles.

Did you know driver behaviour can have an impact on how far your electric vehicles can make it on a single charge, or how much CO2 an ICE vehicle emits? As part of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, Webfleet provides detailed insights, information, and feedback from vehicle utilisation and driver behaviour from across the world, ensuring your operations can maximise the impact of any sustainability initiative.

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