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Schrey & Veit – Solutions for Silence

Engineered in Germany - made in Germany.

With the mission to make the world a bit quieter: Schrey & Veit GmbH was established in 1994, with a focus on developing and providing solutions for noise reduction through tuned dampers for railways, aircraft, submarines, and other special applications. The main products are rail dampers, wheel dampers, and bridge dampers – crafted in Germany and installed worldwide.

As a traditional family-owned company, Schrey & Veit is the world market leader for many solutions for silence. The company developed wheel damper systems for high-speed trains, trams, and mountain railways, and their rail dampers are very effective against noise and corrugation.

One of their unique selling points is, that the damper is not glued to the rail, is completely maintenance free and easily removable in case  of rail replacement. The dampers are fire-resistant and adjustable to all rail profiles worldwide. Schrey & Veit is active in markets not only in Europe but also in many parts of Asia, Canada, or Australia. They have been homologated for many train and metro networks around the globe and are usable on ballasted and slab tracks. The company invests heavily in research and development and offers detailed installation planning, training for track workers, engineering and full-service packages worldwide.

Additionally, Schrey & Veit offers other damping solutions such as wheel dampers and vibration dampers for general structural vibration, including steel railway bridges.

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