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Changan Automobile is one of the “Big Four” Chinese automakers. Founded 162 years ago, Changan has 40 years of experience in car making. The company operates worldwide with 22 production facilities in 12 production bases. As a representative of Chinese auto brands, Changan Automobile owns homegrown brands including Nevo, Deepal, Avatr, Changan UNI and Kaicheng and has joint venture brands such as Changan Ford, Changan Mazda and JMC. Changan has more than 18,000 engineers from 30 countries, building a global R&D network connecting ten cities in six countries (Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Dingzhou and Hefei in China, Turin in Italy, Yokohama in Japan, Birmingham in the UK, Detroit in the U.S. and Munich in Germany), each with its own focus. Changan has built the production development system and test verification system to ensure that each product can be used for 10 years or 260,000 kilometers. In 2017, Changan launched the Third Business Venture — Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program to build culture, efficiency and software capabilities as core competencies and transform towards an intelligent low-carbon mobility technology company. In terms of electrification, in 2017, Changan released the Mission of Shangri-La. In 2022, Changan launched the digital EV brand Deepal and has owned core technologies of new energy vehicles. In terms of intelligence, in 2018, Changan launched the Dubhe Plan. In 2022, Changan launched the intelligence brand Zhuge Intelligence and has mastered the core technologies including visual perception, multi-modal fusion and centralized and zonal ring network architecture development. In terms of overseas business, Changan launched the Vast Ocean Plan in 2023 and follows the principle of “longtermism, low-carbon and local operation and win-win development”. Changan has set four goals for overseas business: to invest more than 10 billion dollars in overseas markets, to reach annual overseas sales of over 1.2 million vehicles, to have more than 10,000 employees for overseas business, and to build Changan as a world-class auto brand. With a mission to “lead auto culture and benefit human life”, Changan stays committed to the transformation to an intelligent low-carbon mobility tech company. We will keep making contribution to society and meeting people’s needs for a better life. Moving forward with the Third Business Venture — Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program, Changan strives to become a world-class auto brand. Changan smart your future!


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