Surge Technologies


Established in 1970, Surge Technology, trading as Surgetek, specialises in all aspects of lightning and surge protection, electrical safety, protection and test & measurement equipment including arc protective PPE. Since its inception, the company has played a major role in drafting relevant SABS earthing and lightning protection codes, and their highly experienced staffs has served on the various SABS IEC liaison committees.  Surge Technology is listed with the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Programme and certification was awarded during July 1999. Today, Surge Technology is the preferred distributor of the DEHN + SÖHNE product range in South Africa. Surgetek’s power protectors bear the SABS mark of approval and are specified by major users, including government departments (civilian and military/defence), state-owned enterprises and companies/entities/organisations in the following sectors:   banking & financial services, telecommunications, transport, agriculture, minerals & mining, energy and water, education, science & technology, housing, security, justice and correctional services, tourism and hospitality, health, sport/recreation/entertainment, manufacturing, construction, amongst others. In addition, telephone network operators, power generation companies, civil and military airports, hospitals, radio and television broadcasters, etc. are dependent upon Surgetek’s exhaustive range of products to protect their specialised equipment, computer networks & facilities against damage, and the resultant operational “downtime” or losses in revenue, due to both lightning-induced and random electrically-induced surges. Leading companies and other entities in Africa, as is the case internationally, are increasingly including surge arresters as an essential component of their overall enterprise risk-management measures. Electrical protection, safety equipment & PPE is also essential to comply with prevailing OHS laws that are stringently enforced in South Africa. Surgetek is owned by its Management and Employees, with 95% of the company’s shareholders being Black men and women, and the company has a B-BBEE level-4 (100% procurement) rating.


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