African Sustainable Energy Association


African Sustainable Energy Association (AFSEA) represents and actively promotes Renewable Energy
Solutions in the Continent. Our focus is on the whole industry; Wind, Solar, Biomas, Biogas, Bio Fuels,
Green Products, Energy Efficiency, Alternative Energy, Energy from Waste, Fuel Cell Technologies etc.
Our mission for AFSEA is to provide great insight into the African Sustainable Energy market by bringing
companies from around the world together so they may prosper and gain the knowledge needed to
expedite the implementation of renewable energy as a significant source of energy.
AFSEA advocate policy development at decision making government level. We also promote
understanding of the industry and its potential through tools such as industry events, forums,
conferences, newsletters and publications, our objective is to provide access to information that can affect
today's clean energy industries as much as tomorrow's world.
We organize top management events and forums creating a networking platform for companies across
the world. Our members include research institutes, developers, contractors, consultants, suppliers and
members of the public dedicated to building a greener planet.


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