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The Great Resignation and why we need to refocus onboarding, engaging and driving the productivity of new hires in a post-pandemic world

oct 27, 2021 14:00 (gmt +8)

Sponsored by walkme

“The Great Resignation” has now become one of those era-defining phrases. It's been described as “a quitting trend unlike anything seen in at least the past two decades.” In the US alone, nearly 4 million people resigned from their current job in the month of July. The trend is not restricted to the US and is having a significant impact across Asia. Amongst many other things, the trend signals that employers around the world are not only scrambling to retain top talent, but also to hire, onboard and support new workers who have been rethinking what they want out of their careers.

All this, coupled with digital transformation and remote work across organisations, means it has never been more important to ensure that we have effective and engaging onboarding processes in place to help enable our workforce.

In this interactive panel discussion, we bring together HR Directors from a range of industries to share how the Great Resignation has impacted their onboarding strategies and how they are leveraging technology to engage their newest employees and ensure that they deliver the training, skills development and support needed to drive engagement and productivity.

By attending this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How focusing on successful onboarding drives employee productivity
  • How your techniques can build positive engagement with your employees from day one
  • How smarter onboarding can enable HR leaders to identify and solve problems quickly
  • How WalkMe can assist you in implementing technologies to help


Featured Panellists:

Sandie Overtveld, VP & General Manager APAC, WalkMe

Sandie Overtveld

VP & General Manager APAC


Abhilasha Krishnan, HR Director, Diageo

Abhilasha Krishnan

HR Director


Sujit Radhakrishnan, HR Director - Asia & Country Head, Al-Futtaim

Sujit Radhakrishnan

HR Director - Asia & Country Head




Sophie Smith, Chief Human Resources Director, BW Group

Sophie Smith

Chief Human Resources Officer

BW Group


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