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Digital Innovation in HR, Tuesday 8 October 2019

Nellie Wartoft

5 digital HR trends you need to know

  • Learn why certain skills shortages exist and how you can future proof your business.
  • Understand why it’s so hard to get your employees to learn on their own and what you can do about it.
  • Discover a new perspective on how you hire candidates.
Shaun Hou

Hiring, Training and Retention of PMETs in a Manpower-Lean Economy

  • P-Max Place-and-Train Programme
  • Enhanced Career Support Programme (CSP)
  • Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Professional Executives
Felicia Chong

HR Government Grants for Local Enterprises to Champion Workforce Excellence

Dileep Kannan

Corporate transport in the digital age

Michael Jenkins

How AI is transforming HR

  • Megatrends in technology affecting HR
  • How can AI enable HR to create great workplaces
  • HR's role in developing expert humans and the impact of AI
  • HR as a champion of digital transformation around the employee experience
  • AI & HR as symbiotic – an interdependent relationship
Luc Hwa Tay

How to elevate worker's learnability effectively with SkillsFuture initiatives

Philippa Penfold

Choosing, implementing & managing HR technology

Eddie Lee

Will HR become obsolete in the next 5 years?

Arun Sunder

Human capital in the evolution of technology

Sam Neo

Building an employer of choice in the digital age

  • What can employers do to stand out in a crowded digital world?
  • How do you leverage social media to widen your outreach?
  • What can you do to tell your stories more effectively?
Timothy Ng

Making your HR data work for you

  • Designing relevant HR analytics projects
  • Finding useful HR insights in a sea of data
  • Provoking action through insights.
Jit Puru

Enabling your workforce to embrace change in a digital world

  • Change forces people to explore the unknown and people often fear what they don’t know or understand. In this highly engaging and thought-provoking talk, hear from Jit Puru as he shares why it is crucial for your employees to buy into the idea of change, and how you can do to create an organisational culture to embrace change using the IAASE model he created.
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Digital Innovation in HR, Wednesday 9 October 2019

Merle Chen

Talent management in the digital era

Vicky Knight

Building a workforce ready for digital transformation

  • Join BPP to hear how HR professionals can assess their organizational capability to more effectively identify the skills required to achieve digital transformation and develop employees who are responsive to the rapidly evolving needs of digital business. Using advances in the science of learning, paired with new technologies, pioneering businesses can harness new approaches to developing the skills of the future, engaging experiential techniques to empower staff across all levels of the business to deliver on the promise of digital transformation.
Tim Hoopmann

Mental Health & Technology: Allowing employers to manage change

Gary Lee

Attract, develop and empower a smart workforce

  • Build a workforce culture relevant to today’s needs
  • Develop a smarter workforce amidst increased cost pressures and talent demands
  • Apply the right decision process to empower the workforce with HR Technology
Carlie Guy

The importance of soft skills development in the digital age

Krish Iyer

Managing a millennial workforce

Deepti Bhanot

The changing role of HR in a digital workforce

Abhinaya Chakkirala

Digital future of employee engagement

Krishna Bedi

Developing continuously: Creating a positive learning mindset

last published: 07/Oct/19 02:55