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Dareesoft seeks to improve the safety of our roads and digitize road maintenance by providing RiaaS (Road Hazard Information as a Service). RiaaS is an AI-based End-to-End solution that provides real-time road hazard detection and data services.
Asset Vision (AV) is an innovative and easy-to-use enterprise cloud-based Asset and Mobile Work Management platform that revolutionizes the way roads are inspected and maintained.  Our platform uniquely connects Asset Owners such as state doTs to their Principal Contractors and even Subcontractors, enabling all parties to co-exist and work together on the same platform seamlessly.  
Today, AV is used by many thousands of users by State Road Authorities, Councils, Principal Contractors, and their Subcontractors in Australia, the US, New Zealand, and Europe. 

Our latest innovation AutoPilot creates a digital twin of the road network each time a route is driven. Benefits multiple use cases including inspections, investigations, disaster recovery, and future works planning.  AutoPilot enables our mobile app to capture photos of the oncoming road every 11 yards automatically and silently during an inspection.  These photos are uploaded to the cloud and stored against the inspection for sequential “playback” through the Asset Vision web portal, with the location of where the photo was taken moving along the map in real-time.  Users can review the inspection, and extract images, including metadata in relation to date/time captured and GPS coordinates.