Hyperspec AI


Hyperspec AI provides advanced mapping and perception systems tailored for infrastructure inspection and road construction. The company's hardware and software solutions allow construction and civil engineering teams to efficiently capture highly accurate spatial data of roads, bridges, railways, and other infrastructure.

The key product for these applications is Hyperspec's HyperLite Mapping Kit. This lightweight sensor rig includes a 360-degree LiDAR scanner, panoramic imaging, and precision GPS/IMU sensors to collect geospatial data while driving along the infrastructure being inspected or mapped. The kit is optimized for portability and ease of use on vehicles during field operations.

Collected data feeds into Hyperspec's RoadMentor cloud platform which stitches together the sensor streams into detailed 3D models. RoadMentor's data analysis tools allow engineers to precisely measure critical infrastructure metrics like crack sizes, lane widths, and vertical clearances. Models can be compared over time to assess wear and structural changes.

By equipping inspectors with better data, Hyperspec AI helps transportation departments and construction firms improve asset management, prioritize maintenance needs, and ensure quality control on active road-building projects. Accurate 3D models enhance project planning, progress tracking, and reporting.

Hyperspec AI was founded in 2019 and its mapping solutions are deployed globally across infrastructure owners, construction contractors, surveyors, and civil engineering firms. With safety and efficiency benefits, Hyperspec's technology promises to transform how infrastructure is inspected, managed, and constructed.
Route Reports delivers real-time highway condition insights via automated daily assessments. 

With our platform, you can monitor road conditions, address resident concerns, and prioritize maintenance tasks, all from the comfort of your office.