Theron Moonsamy | Managing Director and Principal Consultant
Green Environmental Engineering

Theron Moonsamy, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Green Environmental Engineering

Theron Moonsamy is a consumate professional with over a decade of experience in energy (fossil fuels and renewables). He has expertise in circular economies, financial modelling, technology assessments, green Hydrogen, green technology and sustainable engineering. He first cut his teeth as an engineer in petrochemicals before using that knowledge to help transform the sector to which he applies his trade as an expert consultant and advisor. He has helped facilitate technology adoption and business links between Germany and South Africa, he has also aided in the developement of mini and off grid solutions for Africa facilitating the digitilisation across Sub-Saharan Africa and he has consulted on aspects of renewbale energy adoption and decarbonisation of hard to decarbonise sectors such as fossil fuel based industries in pertochemicals, AFOLU and steel and concrete.


Future Energy Africa day 1 @ 14:50

PANEL Improving durability and extending the life of solar infrastructure to achieve enhanced safety, efficiency, and sustainability


Future Energy Africa day 3 @ 12:00

PANEL The emergence of hydrogen supply and demand centers across Africa and beyond: how are hubs driving the global hydrogen trade?


last published: 16/Mar/24 21:55 GMT
last published: 16/Mar/24 21:55 GMT

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