Bryan Micheni | Sustainability and Energy Consultant
UNESCO Chair Strathmore

Bryan Micheni, Sustainability and Energy Consultant, UNESCO Chair Strathmore

Bryan is an electrical engineer with over 7 years experience in the power sector in operations and management of the bulk Kenyan electric grid; testing and commissioning of utility-scale generating plants; testing and commissioning of high voltage AC and DC systems; power system analysis and modelling; outage facilitation and planning; economic dispatch of electrical power; energy efficiency and comservation; low carbon pathway development for energy value chains; and emissions messurement, reporting and verification (MRV), with experience in Verra, ACR and CDM standards. He is currently employed as a transmission system operator for the Kenyan national grid, where he has had in-depth interaction, use and development of a myriad of utility-scale energy projects, such as geothermal, wind, hydro and solar technologies; an energy and Sustainability consultant for Strathmore University's UNESCO Chair for Climate Change Resilience and Sustainability, with practical experience in demand-side electrification, PtX and Green Hydrogen development, energy audits and productive use pathways, and acceleration of energy transitions from the demand-side; an energy system expert for Bayes Consultants with experience in off-grid systems and load anchoring, digitisation of electrical systems, and carbon-to-market; and is an energy fellow for Enzi Ijayo Africa Initiative He is currently pursuing a Masters in Sustainable Energy Transitions from Strathmore University, and is a registered Carbon Auditing Professiomal and a certified IPCC Inventory developer with familiarity in Verra, ACR and CDM standards. 


Future Energy Africa day 2 @ 15:50

PANEL Towards a sustainable rural electrification: Achievements, Weaknesses, and Challenges


last published: 16/Mar/24 21:55 GMT
last published: 16/Mar/24 21:55 GMT

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