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Since its founding in 2008, Sunrev has been engaged in the photovoltaic (PV) energy sector for over a decade and established nine production bases in cities such as Yangzhou, Gaoyou, Suqian and Jiangyin of Jiangsu Province. Currently, Sunrev has more than 10 subsidiaries, including Xinrui Optoelectronics, Zhonghuan Semiconductor, Sunrev (Yangzhou) Photovoltaic Technology, Zhonghuan Aineng, Jingwang New Energy and Hongrun Optoelectronics.Sunrev specializes in the R&D and production of monocrystalline silicon wafers, large monocrystalline silicon cells and large high-efficiency PV modules, as well as the construction and operation of PV power plants. It has achieved vertical integration in the PV energy industry in a full-coverage manner through a network of subsidiaries. By the end of 2023, its production capacity of wafers, high-efficiency cells and modules reach 65 GW, 26 GW and 16 GW, respectively.As the world's leading sustainable energy solutions provider, Sunrev has earned a good reputation and market share for its products across the nine bases in a short span of time. Moving forward, Sunrev will continue to create value from PV energy and contribute to the "dual carbon" goal to shape a greener future.




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