Nico Calunia | Mathematics Department Head & Cyber Security Advocate
Xavier University Grade School

Nico Calunia, Mathematics Department Head & Cyber Security Advocate, Xavier University Grade School

Nico Calunia is a Math teacher at Xavier University for the past 10 years. Even though Nico is teaching mathematics, he always yearns to advance himself in the field of technology. He has explored varied facets of technology like computers, electronics, cloud computing, etc. But what struck him the most is how we should defend ourselves from these new-found threats to our online persona. He has a personal crusade about online security and privacy to help fellow Filipinos have some sort of defences against these electronic cyber attacks.


EduTECH Philippines 2020 - Conference Day 1 @ 11:00

Juan's Guide to Cyber Security for Dummies

last published: 16/Jan/20 09:15 GMT

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