Ma. Cecilia Santiago | School Principal II
Macabaclay National High School

Ma. Cecilia Santiago, School Principal II, Macabaclay National High School

Ma. Cecilia S. Santiago was a classroom teacher at a public school for seventeen years, was a Head Teacher in Science Department for three years and currently a School Principal for almost five years. As a school head, she is always been the main speaker/facilitator in school In-Service training and has several speaking engagement in the Department of Education's Division and Regional Level pertaining to content and pedagogy. She finished Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education major in Chemistry, Master of Arts in Science Education and about to finish Doctor of Education major in educational management. She had attended training pertaining to instructional coaching and mentoring. Part of her job as a school head is observing classes of teachers under her supervision four times within a school year. According to Mrs. Santiago, instructional coaching requires time and hands-on monitoring and supervision with teachers for it to be effective and lasting.


EduTECH Philippines 2020 - Conference Day 2 @ 15:00

Roles of the Instructional Coach

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